Employment Where You Thrive

"Teach a person to fish..." as the saying goes.

One of the things I'm passionate about is everyone being responsible for themselves and their families, to the best of their ability. Many years ago I was blessed to spend a year working at one of the premiere self-improvement places... disguised as a thrift store.

In this place, people were employed who were difficult to employ, and part of their job included taking courses about employment options, learning English as a second language, and even learning a new job skill. I'm saying they were PAID to do these things. Can you imagine?

While I was there I was asked to create, then teach, a program that would help. I was then asked to create a self-serve slide show that employees could use on their own if I, or one of the other instructors, were not available.

This whole program was created on donated equipment using open-source software. The visuals are really freakin' old dated, but the material is still VERY relevant. It's helped many people gain a job they really loved. It's also helped many people find better employment if that's what they wanted.

Watch the intro video first. It's only about 6 minutes long. Then the four lessons are about 30-ish minutes each.​ Please look past the old visuals and focus on the concepts and ideas discussed. May you have great success in finding the employment of your dreams.

Videos are viewed best in full-screen mode.​