Who Is Paul Schreiter?

I believe in second chances. I believe my life's chapter 2 is way better than chapter 1. I believe yours can be too, if that's what you want.

I love my life. I'm married to the most perfect woman in the world (for me). I believe great relationships ​are one of the greatest things life has to offer. I'm blessed enough to have found the perfect match for me. After I got divorced from my first wife, I got around to writing a list of 44 things I was looking for in a spouse. They weren't things about hair color or height or body features. They were things like "wants to pray with me every day" or "wants to read and study scriptures with me every day." This person also had to have a huge sense of humor and be very forgiving. I also realized I had to up my own game to be compatible with this woman I dreamed of, so I spent a few years working on me. It paid off. My wife matched 41 of those 44 items (a 93% match) and my life has become totally joyful with her. Funny enough, she actually says the same thing about her life with me. That's what a great match is all about.

I was pretty happy with life after having gone through the depths of despair many years ago. It wasn't just my wife that made me happy. I was happy before I met her and it had to do with going through the depths of despair (ironic, huh?). Somewhere in there I found an incredible relationship with God, my Heavenly Father.​ I learned that I was his literal child and therefore had incredible "genetic" potential to become like Him. I also learned that I'm not an "only child." My sisters and brothers from different mothers (everyone else on the planet) have the same potential and I enjoy seeing the joyful glow in their eyes when they discover that.

I grew up a "Rebel Without a Cause Clue" and seemed to always be complaining about something. Somewhere along the way, after losing almost everything I ever had, I discovered gratitude in a huge way. I'm grateful for every new day, for a comfortable bed in which to sleep, for healthy food, for wheels, for clothes... and on and on. I'm most grateful for my relationships with my wife, children (our Brady Bunch family of 8 children and 9 grandchildren), and incredible friends.

But I'm most grateful for my understanding of my relationship with my Heavenly Parents (yep, both Father AND Mother), and their first son, my Savior Jesus Christ. I even served a mission for my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Very interesting experience. Some of my brothers and sisters (mostly brothers) threw bottles out of bus windows at me while I rode my bike down the road. I got told to "bugger off" more times than I can remember. I stared down a German Shepherd in one yard only to be bitten by a little yappie ankle-biter dog on another day. Those experiences made my skin a little tougher, my thinking a little more calm, and my attitude more loving (again, ironic, huh?). I learned more in those two years than I could have in ten years working or going to school (and I've done both of those things).

Somewhere along the line I've been told enough times that my words and ideas have helped others. So here I am with this website, attempting to find out if that's true. We live in a challenging world and we can all use all the help and love we can get. You may or may not agree with some of the things I discuss here. If you want to comment or share, go for it, but remember, we're all brothers and sisters. And above all, I advise one thing as you read...

Take what you like, and leave the rest...​